Sunday, December 12, 2010


There's a man and his wife that just told their son
To stick close to the life he's always known
dreams are 'dreams' for a reason
And there's no point in thinking
Of something too far from your home.

This man and his wife never stopped to think whether--
They'd confused an anchor for a tether.

There's a man and his wife that just told their son
It's your life, live it how you want
they don't understand when he
rolls his eyes and
answers with a monosyllabic grunt

One day they'll see in their son's red-faced rancor--
They've confused a tether for an anchor


  1. Lovely contrast - the analogy of the 'anchor and the tether' are great..I guess it's finding a middle place..Jae

  2. I really liked this, very well written!

  3. sometimes im so glad i am a youth worker - and not a parent :)

  4. That middle place is tricky. We all need a little outside help to find it.

  5. I love the tether/anchor analogy. It works.

  6. Really good. I too like the anchor/teather.