Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Let us remember:
The brave souls that died that September day
The resolve and the self-sacrifice of a handful of men
Who risked their lives
And gave their lives
For a way of life,
For an ideal.
Armed with nothing
But knives
And planes

Let us remember:
Their murderous bravery.
and that innocent blood
So often is spilled in the
Desecrated name of--

"One of courage, with audacity, will die. One of courage, but gentle, spares death. From these two kinds of courage arise harm and benefit."
~Tao Te Ching



  1. How true. Men abuse courage and are sometimes praised for their heinous deeds. Sad.

  2. Powerful! You had me going for bit there. =)

  3. desecrated name of courage. that line stops me cold. there is nothing so terrifying to me as someone who is absolutely certain that they have the whole truth and are ready to kill and die for it.

  4. Your first stanza took my breath away...thank you for bringing it back to me in your second!

    - Dina

  5. "their murderous bravery"--so descriptive, great imagery. Thanks for visiting my blog!