Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jamie and The Dragon

Jamie got the dragon
From a guy just down our street
A desperate man
With tatooed hands
And bandaged blackend feet

When everyone was sleeping
She'd get out of bed and lock
The bedroom door
And on the floor
She and the dragon would talk

The dragon had a way with words
And he could make you feel
Like all your dirt
And the people you've hurt
Were really no big deal

The dragon never tired
But Jamie's eyes grew weak
He'd not understand
And flatly demand
That she not fall asleep

So her eyes kept getting redder
As Jamie grew weak and thin
Night whispered
Evil vespers
And called her back to him

When we see Jamie anymore
She smiles and tries to leave
We make-believe
That we don't see
Her bandaged blackened feet

For my friend who is struggling with a drug addiction


  1. Part whimsical but with an underlying tragedy. Excellently handled.

  2. Having seen this happen to people of my own acquaintance, I can relate. Nicely done.

  3. How sad. Sometimes we don't know how tightly something holds us until we can't get free.

  4. I'm going to print this out and share it with my kids. So many of them are tempted by this dragon. I like the limerick form you used; it's something the kids can relate to. Well done!

  5. So true and shivery. So many people drugged by this dragon.

  6. It's sad when you realize how many people are mislead by the voice of the dragon...a great poem.

  7. Now that is a most nasty dragon; well worth slaying.

  8. Now Jamie just has to pass the dragon on. There's sure to be lots of takers. Sorry I have no remedy for her blackened feet though.

    Great poem.

  9. Fantastic, beware of guys bearing gifts..